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My design concept relies on illuminated areas of a single space. I tried to avoid arrows and paging metaphors, lamentably there remained one arrow that returns the user from specific word activites to the general word list. Icons for the student's growing book of Word Definitions, a set of Tutorials on how each strategy works, and a Program Help file appear alongside the arrow.

Colored lights "switch on" like spotlights. Once clicked, a light will spread to illuminate an area of the screen revealing an interactive exploration of the word. As one light spreads, the others drift to one side to make space. The types of interactions represent strategies for attacking or mastering unfamiliar words. Instruction is delivered by audio when the question mark icon is clicked. Users are free to make use of any, all, or none of the strategies for a given word. If he or she misses a word in the unscored "Challenge Me" activity, a reminder will be triggered..

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