Character Analysis prototype screenshotCritical Thinking Skills: Character Analysis
A functional prototype designed to help middle school students visualize, and stick with, close readings of characterization. Student observations are juxtaposed to suggest directions for further analysis.
Harvard University, 2001

Memorable prototype screenshotMemorable
Neuropsychology informs Universal Design for Learning. This prototype contemplates a tool for people with Alzheimer Disease and their caregivers.
Harvard University, 2001

Space Time Modulator for Children
A prototype in progress. This tool would function like an operating system for children, organizing ideas according to relationships of time and geography.
Paper prototype available on request, 2002


Referral Web image from Collaborative Filtering essayKnowledge Representation and Collaborative Filtering
Harvard University, 2001

Wild Intelligence Wiki

Experiment in revisable Web, 2002

Photograph from temple at Halebid, IndiaSince Feeling is First
India, 2000 (unpublished)

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