Elements of Literature First Course
LE0 7-1.2
The Runaway by Robert Frost
More About the Writer
Most Folks Are Poets
What would it have been like to meet Robert Frost? Join Paul Waitt in this 1921 interview as he asks for directions to Frost’s cottage, talks with Frost’s wife, and finally listens as Frost explains in a “deep, kindly, warm, slow” voice that “most folks are poets.”
Hindsight is 20/20 Vision
Before Robert Frost became famous, he sent several poems to The Atlantic Monthly. The magazine rejected the poems—a decision the editor later would regret. Visit Atlantic Unbound to learn how the same editor nearly begged Frost for his poetry once Frost’s name had become well known.
More from the Writer
The Voice of the Poet
In 1956, Robert Frost was recorded reading a few of his poems. Read “The Runaway” and then listen to Frost read some of his other poems. Is his voice different from the voice you imagined as you read?
Choices: Building Your Portfolio, page 27
Choices 3: Choral Reading
Do you stumble over your words when you read out loud? Do your classmates forget lines when they perform? If you’re doing a group reading of “The Runaway,” Aaron Shepard can provide some tips on how to give a relaxed, enjoyable reading. You can even find out how to fool the audience if something goes wrong.
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