Elements of Literature First Course
LE0 7-7.1
Our Classical Heritage
More from Classical Mythology
You Say “Hercules,” I Say “Heracles”
Classical mythology has enough gods and heroes to populate a small village. Would that be a Greek village or a Roman village? While Greek and Roman myths are both considered classical, they come from two different places and time periods. Begin at the Roman Myths page of Encyclopedia Mythica to find out how most Roman deities originated in Greek mythology.
Choices: Building Your Portfolio, page 538
Choices 4: Winging It
From birds to airplanes to space shuttles, the National Air and Space Museum can clue you in on How Things Fly. Learn which physical forces keep objects from crashing to earth. Then, decide just how close Daedalus may have been to discovering the secret of flight.
Choices: Building Your Portfolio, page 552
Choices 4: Mythic All-Stars
If you think researching characters in Greek and Roman mythology is a Herculean task, gather strength from The Encyclopedia Mythica. Visit Roman Mythology to find out why Romans were afraid to utter Pluto’s name. Then, look in Greek Mythology to discover why few men dared to visit the Amazons.
Crossing the Curriculum: Art History
Ancients in Art
All these ancient myths may seem far off from anything you have experienced. Maybe that would be different if public spaces in the United States were decorated with Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities like those found in the Louvre museum in Paris. Catch a rare glimpse of Hercules finally taking a breather. Pass by a Roman sculpture of Apollo. Then, take a virtual walk around Beauty herself, the Venus de Milo.
Crossing the Curriculum: History
Investigate the Romans
Take to the streets of ancient Rome to investigate its citizens. Visit schools where flames were used as erasers. Then, investigate the amphitheaters where staged fighting may have paved the way for modern-day pro wrestling.
Hype, Bribery, and Chariot Races
The ancient Greeks liked a good story, but they also loved a juicy sports scandal. Visit Tufts University’s exhibit on the early Olympic games. Catch up with the events, the athletes, and the controversies that were all the buzz only centuries ago.
Dinnerware Chronicles
Your life history probably isn’t spelled out on your dinner plates—but you aren’t from ancient Greece, either. Visit the University of Pennsylvania to learn how historians uncover ancient history in the bits and pieces of ancient dishes. Old pots can reveal a lot about learning in ancient schools, comfort in ancient homes, and secrets of ancient beauty.
Fabulous Fashions of Antiquity
Don’t get caught wearing a droopy himation—pick up some fashion tips on Doric and Ionic costumes. Learn how to drape and fasten your Ionic chiton so that you can easily display your jewelry. Find out how soldiers wore their hemlines. Be careful, though, around women who fasten their peplos with open pins. Herodotus will tell you these women can be very dangerous.
Across the Web
Laugh It Up
When you read ancient myths, do you find yourself picturing cartoon characters? It's OK, you can admit it. You aren't alone. Visit Mythweb for a comical view of the gods and heroes of ancient Greece and Rome. Join Hercules, Bellerophon, and Odysseus on their heroic and, at times, hilarious journeys.
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