Elements of Literature Third Course
from The Odyssey by Homer
More About the Writer
The Mysterious Blind Bard from Ionia
Who was this sightless poet credited with creating the most revered works in the ancient world, the Iliad and the Odyssey? Open the Academy of American Poets and explore the mysteries surrounding the blind bard from Ionia, the wonders of the Homeric Epic, and the immortality of the Iliad and the Odyssey.
Literature and Archaeology, page 896
Troy: It Casts a Spell
Heinrich Schliemann wanted to do more than escape into the pages of the Odyssey. He longed to leave his reading chair and discover the real places in Homer’s tale. Visit Anthropology Biographies and discover the man who unburied the ancient city of Troy.
Choices: Building Your Portfolio, page 926
Choices 4: Make It Real
Before you write a dramatic script based on Odysseus’ perilous encounters, get a feel for your task by looking at an example of dramatization. The director Nicholas Meyer has retold the Odyssey as a screenplay. What do you think is the strongest part of his script? What makes the story seem real for the audience?
Crossing the Curriculum: History
Treasures of Literature . . . Plus Some Cold, Hard Cash
You have read about the archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, who used a shovel to find the possible location of the Trojan War and what he thought to be King Priam's gold. Find out how police in Athens caught two men who were trying to sell "King Priam's treasure" in 1997!
Tied to Her Loom?
Could Penelope have spent ten years away from home as Odysseus did? Could a woman in ancient Greece even have left the house? This exhibit by the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology looks at forces that kept women in ancient Greece close to home.
Hype, Bribery, and Chariot Endorsements
The ancient Greeks liked a good story, but they also loved a good sports scandal. Visit the Tufts University exhibit on the first Olympic games. Catch up with the events, the athletes, and the controversies that were all the buzz in Homer’s day.
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