Elements of Literature Sixth Course
LE0 12-4.1
The Renaissance Theater
Shakespeare from the Cheap Seats
What was it like to see Macbeth on opening night? The Globe theater, where many Renaissance playwrights staged their work, burned down hundreds of years ago, but you can still visit it on the Internet. Drop into Shakespeare’s Globe to find out what view of the stage you might have had in 1611. Then, take the virtual tour to see the theater as it has been rebuilt today.
Special Effects
Long before digital scenery and multichannel audio, special effects were accomplished with bare hands and in front of real audiences. Renaissance theatergoers would gasp as actors vanished, lightning flashed, and thunder boomed in their ears. Switch on these animated models and witness some ingenious stage effects that are still in use today. You may even trade your next movie pass for a seat at the theater.
Pomp and Pageantry: Corsets, Smocks, and Farthingales
Rich, elaborate, and expensive costumes were a chief delight of Elizabethan theater audiences. But until you’ve seen a corset constructed from the ground up, you can’t know what style meant to these people. Visit the Elizabethan Costuming Page and learn just how complicated clothing can get when whalebone is involved.
Crossing the Curriculum: History
Anyone for a Game of Gleek?
You wouldn’t want to go to the theater every night of your life, and neither did the Elizabethans. Visit this site produced by high school students to find out about the sports, fashions, games and parties that kept the Renaissance running late into the night. If that much entertainment sounds too good to be true, check out Crime and Punishment to see what happened when the party was over.
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