Elements of Literature Sixth Course
LE0 12-13.2
Araby by James Joyce
More About the Writer
Making the Cut
What do writer James Joyce and cartoon character Bart Simpson have in common? They both made Time magazine’s list of the one hundred most important people of the twentieth century. Joyce probably wouldn’t be surprised to find out he made the cut. After all, he planned to keep people intrigued for centuries. Head over to Time 100 and find out why his plan worked.
More from the Writer
The Dubliners
If “Araby” has peaked your curiosity about Ireland in the early twentieth century, why not read more of Joyce’s Dubliners? Journey to a virtual bazaar of Joyce’s work at In Bloom, where you can attend a wake with “The Sisters.” Then, have “An Encounter” with a very odd Dubliner.
Choices: Building Your Portfolio, page 992
Choices 1: Collecting Ideas for an Informative Report
If you are freewriting on topics suggested by Joyce’s life, you might want to zoom in on the Irish political situation of the early twentieth century. Head over to Clannada na Gadelica and check out some historical facts about an Anglo-Irish conflict that has been raging since the twelfth century.
Choices 2: Significant Moments
Before you explain the epiphany the narrator experiences at the end of “Araby,” ponder the transformation of the term. Epiphany had one meaning for ancient Greeks and a slightly different meaning for Christian thinkers. But it was James Joyce who really put a new twist on the word. Visit the Guide to Literary Terms and find out how he did it.
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