Elements of Literature Fifth Course
LE0 11-3.2
from The Crisis, No. 1 by Thomas Paine
More About the Writer
Paine wanted to be buried on his farm in New York, and so he was. How then could his coffin turn up in London, empty? How could his skull be in Australia, his ribs in France, and his other bones on an English suit? Learn the story of Paine’s bones and the man who did himself the honor of digging them up.
More from the Writer
Common Sense, Age of Reason, The American Crisis
Seize the keys of liberty and let yourself into The Thomas Paine Library. Put on a little radical revolutionary music and treat yourself to the writings that braced a fledgling nation.
Crossing the Curriculum: History
Meet the Bad Guys
One of Paine’s most effective persuasive skills was to bring kings and generals down to size, where ordinary folks could challenge them. Take a look at two of Paine’s favorite targets on display where, you might say, Paine put them.
Crossing the Curriculum: Cultural Studies
Was Paine the Original Webmaster?
Why would Wired magazine call Paine the forefather of the Internet? He did use small packets, or pamphlets, to publish his ideas. He accepted no payment or outside control, and he created a base of thousands of readers. If the Internet is the medium of commercial-free public discourse, perhaps Paine was its forefather.
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