Elements of Literature Fifth Course
LE0 11-6.1
Selections by Edgar Allan Poe
More About the Writer
America, the Strange
While many European writers enjoyed strange tales, Poe’s work seemed a few shades darker than anything they had seen before. The University of Groningen presents an overview of Poe’s life and work in this Outline of American Literature. Do Poe’s stories reveal something strange and dark about United States?
Poe’s Last Night on Earth
Mystery always hung above the life of Edgar Allan Poe—but it surrounds his death to this day. After 150 years, no one knows for certain what led to the poet’s death on a cold Baltimore night. Was it intoxication? Was it rabies? Was he beaten by a gang of political thugs? Prowl through the pages of the Poe Society to probe the secrets behind the mysterious end of a mysterious writer.
More from the Writer
In Search of Mystery and Terror? Nevermore . . .
Shut off the lights, put on some eerie music, light candles, and dig into more frightful tales by the man who invented the horror story. Try “The Masque of the Red Death” or “Murders in the Rue Morgue.” If the suspense gets to be too much for you, check out the softer side of Poe and calm yourself with “Annabel Lee” or “A Dream Within a Dream.”
Crossing the Curriculum: Science
“Great Intellects Guess Well”
Truth may be stranger than fiction, but the strange fiction of Edgar Allan Poe has some scientists scratching their heads. Take a look at the work of Dr. Alberto Cappi, who thinks Poe understood gravity and the structure of our universe fifty-seven years ahead of Albert Einstein. Dr. Cappi’s technical language would have confounded Poe, but Poe's understanding of our universe astounds Dr. Cappi.
Across the Web
Quoth the Ravens: Touchdown!
Do you secretly dream of having your own pro football team one day? Then grab a pen and paper and start writing poems. Edgar Allan Poe never shared your aspiration, but follow in his footsteps and your strangest dreams may come true.
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