Elements of Literature Fourth Course
LE0 10-3.5
A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel García Márquez
More About the Writer
Telling Lies with a Poker Face
His grandmother told unbelievable stories as if they were fact. When Gabriel García Márquez tried it himself, he won the Nobel Prize. Visit The Nobel Foundation for a closer look at a writer who loves writing about “the wildest things with a completely natural tone of voice.”
Before You Read, page 222
Magic Realism
An angel lands in your backyard, and a giant washes up on your beach—it’s just another day in the world of magic realism. Latin American writers developed this unique style of writing, which mixes everyday life with wild fantasy, around the middle of the twentieth century. Soar over to Emory University to examine the roots of this new style that still echoes across the globe.
Crossing the Curriculum: Social Studies
Passport to Colombia
Gabriel García Márquez set some of his stories in a Colombian town called Macondo, but you won’t find Macondo on a map. You can, however, find events from the writer’s stories in actual Colombian history. Visit the Embassy of the Republic of Colombia for some real-life history of García Márquez’s homeland, but don’t expect to find any drowned giants on the beaches.
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