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Book cover, viking prow against galaxy
Grade 10
Gabriel Garcia Marques
Langston Hughes
Mark Twain
William Shakespeare
Malcom X
Tim O'Brien


Book cover, greek statue spearthrower
Grades 7-9
Our Classical Heritage - Unit Opener
Aesop's Fables
Robert Frost

Elements of Literature

Confined to a backend able only to serve up lists of links, I overcame technical limitations by concentrating on the rich possibilities of the content itself. I crafted instructional text that was lively, concise, goals-driven, and academic in tone while remembering to laugh and to challenge the ideas. I wrote content models and trained an editorial staff to match the target style and tone. The following samples are drawn from nearly five hundred pages published at


Book cover, Mask from Sutton Hoo
Grade 12
20th c. British Literature - Unit Opener
James Joyce
John Milton
Renaissance Theater - Unit Opener
Virginia Woolf


Book cover, skyscrapers set in autumnal mountains
Grade 11
Thomas Paine
Romanticism - Unit Opener
Washington Iriving
American Renaissance - Unit Opener
Nathanael Hawthorne

Edgar Allan Poe
Civil War Realism - Unit Opener
Spirituals and Code Songs
Jack London
Contemporary Literature - Unit Opener
Ernest Hemingway
T.S. Eliot

American Drama - Unit Opener
Arthur Miller